Once upon a time, there was an old man called YuGong live near two mountains which let him took a long time to walk to the other side, so he wanted to move them.

He told his family that he must move it and his family also need to help him to move the mountains to the sea.

The next day, there was another old man, he saw YuGong moving the mountains and said that YuGong could never move them because he was old and weak.


Yugong was a ninety-year-old man who lived at the north of two high mountains, Mount Taixing and Mount Wangwu.Stretching over a wide expanse of land, the mountains blocked yugong's way making it inconvenient for him and his family to get around.

太行,王屋二山的北面,住了一个九十岁的老翁,名叫愚公。 二山占地广阔,挡住去路,使他和家人往来极为不便。

One day yugong gathered his family together and said,\Let's do our best to level these two mountains. We shall open a road that leads to Yuzhou. What do you think?\


All but his wife agreed with him.\You don't have the strength to cut even a small mound,\ muttered his wife. \How on earth do you suppose you can level Mount Taixin and Mount Wanwu? Moreover, where will all the earth and rubble go?\


\Dump them into the Sea of Bohai!\ said everyone.

大家都热烈地说:「把土石丢进渤海里。 」

So Yugong, his sons, and his grandsons started to break up rocks and remove the earth. They transported the earth and rubble to the Sea of Bohai.


Now Yugong's neighbour was a widow who had an only child eight years old. Evening the young boy offered his help eagerly.


Summer went by and winter came. It took Yugong and his crew a full year to travel back and forth once.


On the bank of the Yellow River dwelled an old man much respected for his wisdom. When he saw their back-breaking labour, he ridiculed Yugong saying,\Aren't you foolish, my friend? You are very old now, and with whatever remains of your waning strength, you won't be able to remove even a corner of the mountain.\"


Yugong uttered a sigh and said,\"A biased person like you will never understand. You can't even compare with the widow's little boy!\"\"Even if I were dead, there will still be my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, my great great grandchildren. They descendants will go on forever. But these mountains will not grow any taler. We shall level them one day!\" he declared with confidence.

愚公叹息道:「你有这样的成见,是不会明白的。 你比那寡妇的小儿子还不如呢!就算我死了,还有我的儿子,我的孙子,我的曾孙子,他们一直传下去。 而这二山是不会加大的,总有一天,我们会把它们铲平。 」

The wise old man was totally silenced.


When the guardian gods of the mountains saw how determined Yugong and his crew were, they were struck with fear and reported the incident to the Emperor of Heavens.Filled with admiration for Yugong, the Emperor of Heavens ordered two mighty gods to carry the mountains away.

二山的守护神被愚公的坚毅精神吓倒,便把此事奏知天帝。 天帝佩服愚公的精神,就命两位大力神背走二山。


Old man Yu Gong’s house had two big mountains in front of it. It caused him great inconvenience. So one day he said to his family: "I have decided to move those mountains." His wife said: "This is impossible. We’ve lived with them a long time. Let’s just put up with it."

But the old man convinced his children to help him.

The next day they started digging using hoes and baskets, and they hauled the dirt to the sea, far far away. Day in and day out they kept digging.

A wise old man, Zhi Sou, upon seeing this said to Yu Gong: "You are old; you are trying to do the impossible." Yu Gong replied: "Yes, I am old and I will soon be dead, but I have children, and when they die, their children will carry on, and the mountain will get smaller and smaller."

And so Yu Gong and his family carried on, day after day, year after year, through summer and winter, until one day, God heard about it and was so moved by his determination that he sent his two sons to take the two mountains away.

The moral of the story is that with determination anything can be achieved.

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